Lux Venérea

Lux Venérea, (aka Pollux Frei), Cangaceira trans*planted from Sertão of Brazil to Berlin. Apocalypse avantgardist. Tragic comedian. Underdeveloped activist. Fashion terrorist. Culinary enthusiast and chef. Believes in performance art as a way to re-experience the body. In food and cooking as the needle and the line in the social fabric and in comedy as a tool to study oppression. Aims for unlearning and destruction through her practices.
Lux uses every medium she can to express the things that get lost in translation from language to language and the use of colonized languages themselves. Being herself a medium in fantasious-fetishist autobiographical storytelling, she holds vulnerability as a weapon pointed to the viewers. From comedy to deep “non-sober poetry” she attempts to drive the viewers from tear to laugh with lots of friction in order to point the constant state of trauma surrounded by laughs/normalization experienced by herself and other dissident bodies.