OLORUNTOYIN LATOYA MANLY-SPAIN (Sierra Leone/Nigeria), based in Hamburg, advocates for social justice, Black Power and African diaspora movements. For the last 20 years, Oloruntoyin has played a central role in several important grassroot, community-based and solidarity movements in Germany – Black History Month, Africa Unity, Lampedusa, solidarity and Fight For Justice. Much of her work focuses on Women’s Empowerment, Undocumented Persons/Refugee/ Migrant Self-Organization and dismantling racism and colonialism.

She is a performer and cofounder of ARRiVATi, a collective of BPOC artists and activists who use art and resistance as a means to develop strategies of “decolonisation”. Oloruntoyin also uses Transformative Singing of the Africana tradition and is a certified psychosocial counselor. Oloruntoyin is a grandmother and mother of two adult daughters.