The new Open Border Ensemble is a project by Münchner Kammerspiele as part of the season 2017-2018. It is in continuation with the Theatre involvement, engagement and concern in regard to the issue of fleeing newcomers and exiles in Germany.
The re-articulated project consists of inviting four Syrian performers to the theatre ensemble to broaden the cultural, linguistic, and aesthetic perspectives of the group. More than being just actors, the participants will reside for at least 10 months in Munich starting January 1st 2018, and be part of the theatre institution engaging with the artistic teams and the cultural life of the city.
The four chosen artists with their different experiences and backgrounds will be at the core of two of the theatre’s productions especially tailored for them.
The first project, directed by German director Jessica Glause, is an “out of the box” project using a mobile stage and touring in Munich's suburbs and Bavaria’s region in May 2018 inviting the audience to listen to stories, lifes and rhythms over mapping the two cities of Munich and Damascus. “xyz” by Argentinian documentary theatre director Lola Arias, who will reshape theatrically the real-stories of the ensemble in a show that tells of art and life and their journey - to be premiered on the 22nd of June 2018.
Through this project and within the current context of migration, crises, exile and war, our aim is to forge a new experiential collaborative path through the ongoing “refugee crisis,” with all its social and political shades and divisions, by opening up the borders and resisting against the isolation of artists working in conflict zones to which we have a growing connection with.
In that sense, we consider the new Open Border Ensemble as firstly an aesthetical and theatrical progressive project more than a socio-pedagogical one. It is an attempt to initiate an enduring process of theatre and life-experience that gives space to current narratives from other cultural and social contexts to emerge but mostly to be heard and negotiated in the democratic, open, and analytical setting
We want to build up an opportunity for sustaining sharing and creating together – an opportunity that allows mutual understanding and exchange through long-term encounters to happen within a state theatre.

This project is supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes.
Jessica Glause's project is additionaly supported by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, in collaboration with Bellevue di Monaco.