selected productions with Adam Joachim Goldmann

selected productions with Adam Joachim Goldmann

in Kooperation mit der Münchner Volkshochschule

The Münchner Kammerspiele is one of Germany's most important and storied theaters. Together we will attend three plays which are either performed or surtitled in English. Each theater visit will be prefaced by a session to help prepare the viewer for the performance and followed by another session devoted to discussion and analysis of the production. When possible, members of the Kammerspiele will join the class to lend an insider's perspective on the theater's repertoire and creative choices.

In cooperation with the Münchner Kammerspiele

Adam Joachim Goldmann · Education Centre · Einsteinstr. 28
Wednesday, 13th March 2019 · five additional preperation dates and three dates for the performances by agreement
· 10 places

Anmeldung unter oder unter (0 89) 4 80 06 - 62 39 (montags und dienstags 9 bis 13 Uhr, mittwochs und donnerstags 14 bis 19 Uhr).