Mohamed Alrashi

Mohamad Al Rashi is an actor, director and musician and graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts of Damascus in 1995. Since the end of 2014 he resides in Marseille, France.

Latest works in theatre include: 2016 “While I was waiting“by Mohammad El Attar, staged by Omar Abussada.

European tour: Avignon Festival, Brussels, Lausanne, Naples, Zurich, Paris, Geneva. World Tour: USA, Canada, Japan | 2017 ” Your love is Fire ” by Mudar Alhaggi staged by Rafat Alzakout. European tour: Germany, Fringe Festival UK, MITEM Budapest | 2018 “UR” written and directed by Suleiman Al Bassam. Residenztheater München, Germany, Carthage Theater Festival, Tunis, Tunisia.


Photo: Alaa Alatrash