Anka Herbut

Anka Herbut is a dramaturge, writer, curator, and researcher working in the fields of theatre and dance. She operates at the boundaries between artistic practice, theoretical reflection, and social engagement. The focus of her research lies on social choreographies, feminist strategies of worldmaking and performative possibilities of language. In her ongoing research “Antibodies” focused on social movements she’s investigating what bodies do to resist and how they perform new modes of togetherness. She’s been regularly collaborating with Łukasz Twarkowski, Paweł Sakowicz, and Marta Ziółek. Her texts were staged in Lithuanian National Drama Theatre in Vilnius, Dailes Theatre in Riga, Nowy Theatre, Studio Theatre and Komuna/Warszawa in Warsaw among others. She is a part of the transnational “systering” collective. At the Münchner Kammerspiele, she is accompanying the production “World on the Wirecard” as a dramaturge in the 23/24 season.