“Humour helps!”

Annette Paulmann is an “innkeeper’s daughter” who grew up in the countryside in a hostelry popular with day-trippers. The only way to survive in her family was to have a dark sense of humour. When she entered the place as a child, she appraised everyone at first glance. She worked hard and wanted to take over the business, but failed to get it: instead, the inn went to her older brother.

Annette Paulmann becomes an actor out of revenge. Her cello teacher suggests it to her, saying she should study acting because it is a professional qualification, too. Annette finances her training with her own savings and moves to the big city, Hamburg. But the “revenge” on her parents doesn’t exactly work out: they let her go and fail to show any particular interest in her art.

#fiercelydetermined #stubborn #angry #lazyandhardworking
The Ones to Come
Die Zukünftigen