Startpunkt/Starting point: Club 29

X SHARED SPACES: Route III – Ludwigsvorstadt

Starting point: Club 29 /// Feat. Franz Wanner, Young Boy Dancing Group, Billinger and Schulz, Leon Eixenberger, Mariam Ghani, Johannes Paul Raether, Residency of the Burschenschaft Molestia


X Shared Spaces – Route III – Ludwigsvorstadt

Starting point: Club 29, Dachauer Straße 29

The artists on this route:

Franz Wanner
Young Boy Dancing Group supported by Pro Helvetia
Billinger and Schulz
Leon Eixenberger
Mariam Ghani (in collaboration with the workshops at Bellevue di Monaco by Paul Huf, Kissi Baumann & Achim Waseem Seger)
Josefa Nereus, residency of the Burschenschaft Molestia
Johannes Paul Raether
Jeremy Nedd

About the project:

After the success of “Shabbyshabby Appartments” the Kammerspiele once again takes its audience outside the theatre. A site-specific city walk is planned guiding visitors through selected Munich districts. The “X-Wohnungen” format founded by Matthias Lilienthal, which has been successfully performed in cities all over the world and is now considered a classic way in which to explore urban space by means of the performing arts, is undergoing a radical modernisation. For five days, the audience will be led through the world of digital natives and the sharing economy. “X Shared Spaces” explores the question of how new business models – from Airbnb, DriveNow and Uber to Grindr, Tinder and Deliveroo, to name only the most popular start-ups – permanently change the world we live in, work in, love in, argue in, help or even exploit each other. In 21 apartments, flat shares, co-working spaces and micro-apartments, artists, most of whom grew up in the digital age, have developed a short, ten-minute work. Seven of these performances, theatre pieces and installations are each combined into three different routes. The visitors explore these routes on foot in groups of two – and thus become tourists in their own city. In the most diverse artistic idioms that far outstrip cheap, culturally pessimistic reflections, an idea starts to form of what the future of our coexistence might look like. What are the opportunities, contradictions and risks of the economies of tomorrow? How can sharing economies be productive for new forms of society? Is it possible to counter the logic of neo-liberalism with models of critical thinking or utopian concepts, given the conditions of digital business models? How can artists transfer digital cultures into physically tangible space and thereby create innovative theatre?

There are two more routes:


X Shared Spaces – Route I – Neuaubing
Starting point: Stadtteilladen Westkreuz, Friedrichshafener Straße 11
S-Bahn station WESTKREUZ, exit the station in the direction out of town

Feat.: doublelucky productions / Chris Kondek and Christiane Kühl, Amir Reza Koohestani & Mahin Sadri, Florentina Holzinger, Die Freie Polizeiklasse, Kinan Hmeidan, Jeremy Nedd, Jaha Koo and Eunkyung Jeong, Britta Thie


X Shared Spaces – Route II – Parkstadt Schwabing
Starting point: Arku Café, Max-Bill-Straße 3

Feat.: The Agency, Felix Lübkemann, Antje Schupp, Ergonomics, Jovana Reisinger and Ludwig Abraham, Damian Rebgetz, Henrike Iglesias



Billinger und Schulz, Leon Eixenberger, Mariam Ghani, Franz Wanner, Young Boy Dancing Group

concept and idea

Christoph Gurk, Matthias Lilienthal

curation and dramaturgy

Helena Eckert, Christoph Gurk, Martin Valdés-Stauber

In cooperation with

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Young Boy Dancing Group is supported by

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