Kammer 3


Hosted by the ensemble


(wuss: noun, Slang. 1. a weakling; wimp) Hosted by members of the company - musicians, artists and everybody else are invited to this party with DJs, drag and karaoke performances. Resist, submit and come and go as you please.

A wave of success has washed the WUSS party into Kammer 3 this season. So, shortly before the summer break, we are revising the format: the party will permanently move to Kammer 3, with a long DJ set and a small admission price. The focus of WUSS will continue to be on its drag and karaoke performances, so come and be greeted by the infamous, notorious, flamboyant and imaginative ensemble members. In tried and tested cooperation with the TAM TAM Bar. Secure your tickets!

10 October 2015 - 14 July 2018