Kammer 1


Based on the novel “Exil” by Lion Feuchtwanger

Director: Stefan Pucher


Many people are hoping that it will soon be over: Trump’s presidency, the success of right-wing populist parties and the refugee crisis. Everyone is in a kind of powerless limbo. In these times of far-reaching crises extending far beyond the individual, how should we take action? The Munich writer Lion Feuchtwanger’s solution was to write the “Wartesaal” trilogy between 1930 and 1939, consisting of the novels “Geschwister Oppermann”, “Erfolg” and “Exil”. Without knowing how the future looked, he succeeded in rendering life under the Nazi regime in an uncannily graphic way. Feuchtwanger depicts people trying to take action – but who do not manage to avert the inexorably approaching disaster. They are only able to save themselves, if anyone. The director Stefan Pucher, who directed TC Boyle’s novel “América” at the Kammerspiele during the 2015/16 season, now centres on the state of exile in “Wartesaal”. How can one find stability if one’s home no longer exists? Or if the transition stage simply never ends?

With English surtitles. For our seating recommendations please click here.

With the kind support of the Association of Friends of the Münchner Kammerspiele.

New actor starting February 2019:
Paul Wolff-Plottegg takes over Peter Brombacher's role of Louis Gingold for „Wartesaal“ starting Februar 24th. We thank you for your understanding.

Theatre version of the book by: Tarun Kade, Stefan Pucher and Malte Ubenauf

Premiere on 25. November 2017

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