Kammer 1

Ärger mit der Unsterblichkeit

Lecture from and with ANDREAS DORAU and SVEN REGENER


At the tender age of 15 years he bestowed the New German Wave with what may have been its most eccentric hit song: “Fred from Jupiter”. From then on, Andreas Dorau has dedicated his entire life to art. In the person of Sven Regener, head of the rock band “Element Of Crime” and author of successful novels such as “Herr Lehmann” and “Neue Vahr Süd”, Dorau found a ghost writer whom he could trust with the confessions of his life thirty years later. Out of Dorau's stories, Sven Regener created a swan song for the entertainment industry which is as filled with anecdotes as it is tart-tongued. While Regener will read from the memoirs of Andreas Dorau, the protagonist himself accompanies the reading with documentary slide projections.

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Bayern 2
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