Kammer 3



Director: Stefan Kaegi


Thomas Melle invites you to an evening lecture on instability. But who is speaking and what is his agenda? For “Uncanny Valley”, Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) made a copy of Thomas Melle (“Die Welt im Rücken”) in the form of a humanoid robot. What happens when a person is copied? Does the original person get to know himself better through his electronic double? Technology is taking over all sorts of menial work, and is now being tested on stage: What if a humanoid robot performs the lecture instead of the writer? Would the robot become a performer whose facial expressions, gestures and language trigger empathy – but then, empathy with whom? With Melle himself, who is not there, or with the robot? Whose voice is heard in the Uncanny Valley? Thomas Melle gives up control. The humanoid robot takes over and asks himself every night: what does it mean for the original when the copy takes over? Does he become more or less invisible?

An English translation can be provided on request.

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Stage Production

Stefan Kaegi

Text, Body, Voice

Thomas Melle

Stage design and Costume

Evi Bauer

Animatronic team

Chris Creatures Filmeffects GmbH

manifacturing and art finish of the silicone head / coloration and hair

Tommy Opatz


Mikko Gaestel


Niki Neecke


Michael Pohorsky


Martin Valdés-Stauber

Head of Robot Project and Puppetteering

Chris Kunzmann

Lead Robot Construction

Andreas Mattijat

Lead Robot Programmer and Puppetteering

Stefano Trambusti

Assistant Robot construction

Jonathan Noormann

Robotcontrol and programming support

Daniel Stiber

control technology


Electronic support

Hendrik Donner

Moldmaking and glasfibertec

Niko Weber

FDM Print Construstion cleanup and 3D Print assist

Delia Kunzmann

Concept, text

Stefan Kaegi

In Coproduction with

Berliner Festspiele - Immersion, Temporada Alta – Festival de Tardor de Catalunya, Impresario Feodor Elutine ( Russia | Moscow ), SPRING Performing Arts Festival, Utrecht, Holland, FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts, Donaufestival / Krems
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Premiere on 04. October 2018

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