Kammer 2


Comedy by Eugène Labiche

Director: Felix Rothenhäusler


“If you don’t understand anything about it, then at least don’t say anything.” (Monaco Franze in Helmut Dietl’s eponymous series). Class differences and their accompanying social codes are brilliant material for comedy, as the prolific French writer Eugène Labiche knew only too well. One of his 175 comedies is “La poudre aux yeux”, which literally translates as “Sand in your eyes”. It tells the story of two middle-class couples who try to pull the wool over each other’s eyes with respect to their social status along the lines of “Fake it, until you make it.” But it all goes wrong: their cover is blown and all that remains is a large pile of truffles. The director Felix Rothenhäusler, who has previously staged Reinhard Jirgl’s sci-fi epic “Nichts von euch auf Erden” and Ryan Trecartin’s high-speed drama “The Re’Search” at the Kammerspiele, links his degree work piece “Die Affäre in der Rue de Lourcine”, also by Eugène Labiche, with “Trüffel Trüffel Trüffel”. The play has produced maximum laughs using minimal means for over eight years, most recently at the Theater Bremen, where Felix Rothenhäusler has been the in-house director since 2012.

Translation from French by Tobias Haberkorn.

Music: a variation of “Überbach” by Pantha Du Prince composed from material by Johann Sebastian Bach by Hendrik Weber and Arash Safaian.


Annette Paulmann, Caroline Geiger, Joscha Baltha, Marie Rosa Tietjen, Nils Kahnwald, Risto Kübar, Samouil Stoyanov, Wiebke Puls, Zeynep Bozbay

Stage Production

Felix Rothenhäusler

Stage design

Jonas von Ostrowski


Elke von Sivers


Stephan Mariani


Pantha du Prince


Caroline Geiger


Tarun Kade

Premiere on 29. September 2017