Kammer 2


Comedy by Eugène Labiche

Director: Felix Rothenhäusler


“I am quite dizzy from the social heights that I am gradually reaching.” Class differences and their accompanying social codes are the best material for comedies, as the 19th-century playwright Eugène Labiche knew only too well. “Trüffel Trüffel Trüffel”, one of his 175 comedies, explores the world of the petty bourgeoisie who pretend to be middle class in front of each another. Imposters trying to climb the social ladder, they speak in overblown phrases, order an abundance of truffles and subscribe to a box in the opera, only to watch “Rigoletto” over and over again. FAKE IT, UNTIL YOU MAKE IT. “You can believe me when I say that my fortune is enough.” (Boris Becker)

Translation from French by Tobias Haberkorn.

Music: a variation of “Überbach” by Pantha Du Prince composed from material by Johann Sebastian Bach by Hendrik Weber and Arash Safaian.


Annette Paulmann, Joscha Baltha, Marie Rosa Tietjen, Nils Kahnwald, Risto Kübar, Samouil Stoyanov, Wiebke Puls, Zeynep Bozbay

Stage Production

Felix Rothenhäusler

Stage design

Jonas von Ostrowski


Elke von Sivers


Stephan Mariani


Pantha du Prince


Tarun Kade

Premiere on 29. September 2017