Kammer 2



It’s no longer a secret that the Kammer 2 stage has been turned into a canteen every month for the past two seasons, a place where theatremakers and audience members talk about their work at the Kammerspiele while cooking and eating together. In the new season, Tischszenen is “reloaded” with a new team, new guests and new recipes.

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January 29: Feat. Johanna Höhmann (Dramaturgy “1968”), Christoph Gurk (Kurator Freies Theater und Musik) and Lukas Vögler (actor / project 1968)

February 28: Anestis Azas and Prodromos Tsinikoris (Directors of “Hellas München”) and Eleni Stroulia (Stage and Costumes for “Hellas München”)