Kammer 3

THOMAS MEINECKE: SELBST / Afterwards DJ Thomas Meinecke at the BAR



A shared apartment in Frankfurt am Main: Eva (fashion editor, art historian, “princess”), Genoveva (self-taught sexual scientist with a research focus on autogynephilia and selfie culture) and Venus (androgynous model, cultural scientist with a research focus on the colonies of German “Vormärz” emigrants in Texas, especially the history of the libertarian commune on the Llano River named after Bettina von Arnim). They shoot fashion spreads on the construction site of the ECB, witness the police storming of the Institute for Comparative Irrelevance, go dancing in the “Robert Johnson” and are in search of tenderness beyond the sexuality described by Freud, Foucault or Butler as a prison. They are the main characters in a – sometimes platonic, sometimes erotic – post-gender love dance, which is introduced by Thomas Meinecke in Kammer 3 in discussion with Paula-Irene Villa, Professor of Sociology and Gender studies at the LMU in Munich.