Kammer 3



Director: Felix Rothenhäusler


“I participate” – in order to take part in the accelerated presence, you need a hefty dose of self-performance. Otherwise you quickly become lost between hyper-current status updates, horror messages and “next-big-things”. “Do we need more cameras?” The new people of the market research study “The Re’Search”, which has become virtual reality, do everything to attract more attention. Threatening to commit suicide. Blending with technology. Vowing love to each other. Despair, lust, longing.
By means of his collage-like high-speed videos, the American artist Ryan Trecartin playfully reflects the age of the Internet. His works have immediately made him one of the most sought-after artists of his generation with great exhibitions in Venice, Berlin and New York. With “The Re’Search” he has created a linguistic piece of art from the (near) future, populated by identities that have left the narrow limits of gender, class and race behind. Felix Rothenhäusler’s adaption is the first staging of a text by Ryan Trecartin in the theater. Playful and sometimes utopian.
The room designed by Jonas von Ostrowski with a light installation by Matthias Singer will be open half an hour prior to the beginning of the performance.

Translated by Tobias Haberkorn.

Premiere on 29. October 2016