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In her solo performance, created in collaboration with the artist Boris Kopeinig, the Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich explores the question of how new technologies change our thinking about the body. At the centre of the play is a tank built by the Berlin collective Proper Space. In this container, which looks like an oversized test tube, the body is shown as an area of experimentation and object of reconstruction.
The motif of the tank has been a major theme in science fiction since the second half of the 20th century. From “Test Tube Girls” to “Alien: Resurrection”, it has regularly appeared as a scenographic arrangement of the modified body. The tank stands for the isolation of unknown and dangerous life forms. In Doris Uhlich’s performance, it advances to a place of study and testing of physical transformations.
The play has a cinematic, image-like character. The physical material develops from associations with cinema, robots, biotechnology and the medical field. “TANK” is a performance about technological promises of happiness, the future of the body, its exposure, and its finality. With its transparent walls, the tank resembles a magnifying glass. This opens up a dynamic, elastic space in which to reflect.

Concept Doris Uhlich, Boris Kopeinig Choreography, Performance Doris Uhlich dramaturgical collaboration Adam Czirak, Yoshie Maruoka Sound Boris Kopeinig Text Boris Kopeinig, Doris Uhlich Tank Proper Space (Angela Ribera, Konstanze Grotkopp, Juliette Collas) body objects (for Site Specific Version) Devi Saha light Sergio Pessanha technical support Gerald Pappenberger production Marijeta Karlovic-Graf, Margot Wehinger international distribution Something Great.

Thanks to Karin Harrasser und Marian Kaiser Co-produced by tanzhaus nrw, ImPulsTanz, brut Wien and insert (Theaterverein, funded by Department for Culture of the City of Vienna).

Part of the festival “Politik der Algorithmen – Kunst, Leben, Künstliche Intelligenz” from June 11 to 16, 2019

In cooperation with

Z COMMON GROUND, Studiobühne der Theaterwissenschaft München
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