Kammer 3


By Monster Truck and The Footprints, DO NOT MISS - ONLY A FEW PERFORMANCES


According to popular legend, a vampire must be invited so that he may enter. The performance collective Monster Truck, who were guests last year at the Münchener Kammerspiele with their piece “Welcome To Germany”, invites to Germany the Nigerian theatre company The Footprints in order to develop a collaborative project. But who is dependent on whom here? On the stage there are five orphans from Lagos and a fat German man. The balance of power seems clear. The performance deals with guilt and innocence in all the events that takes place in this post-colonial game without frontiers, in which the moral winner seems to be certain from the outset. But the precarious ground on which the actors meet turns events into a veritable glissade.

Supported by the TURN funds of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Governing Mayor of Berlin - Senate Chancellery - Cultural Affairs.

WITH The Footprints, Andreas Klinger CONCEPT Monster Truck, Segun Adefila DRAMATURGY Marcel Bugiel SOUND Alice Ferl LIGHTING UND TECHNICAL MANAGER Stine Hertel ARTISTIC ASSISTANCE Seun Awobajo