Kammer 2



Under the moniker Moor Mother, the spoken word poet, musician and activist Camae Ayewa has become one of the most eloquent and radical artists to give the American “Black Lives Matter” movement a voice. Last summer she performed in Munich for the first time with a solo show at the Milla club. Now she is going to appear with Irreversible Entanglements at the Kammerspiele. The five-person formation was founded two years ago at an event against police violence. Their debut album, which was released shortly afterwards, was celebrated by music critics as one of the most truly visionary and explosive free jazz records of recent times. In a musical programme full of contrast, there will be a high-profile double concert on 4 April: the five-member group Rayon, a project by Markus Acher (singer and guitarist of The Notwist), plays highly intricate instrumental music.

Rayon are:

Sachiko Hara - piano, harmonium
Cico Beck - marimbaphone, bass-drum, percussion, electronics
Taiko Saito - vibraphone, glockenspiel, bassdrum, percussion
Anton Kaun - objects, electronics
Markus Acher - harmonium, percussion, gongs, electronics