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In July, the Kammerspiele heads out once again into public city spaces. The project “X Shared Spaces” transforms 21 locations into theatre venues, examines digital business models and explores the world of the sharing economy. During this time, we will of course continue our in-house programme. In fact, it is more worthwhile than usual to pay us a visit. Because this month, we are running a “2 for 1” offer on selected performances. Combine, for example, watching a World Cup match with a theatre visit: before the game can be after the game, in Sepp Herberger’s famous words. For the price of one theatre ticket, we will admit a second person free of charge. Five productions enter their final round in the month of the World Cup: “Der Fall Meursault”, “Der Kirschgarten”, “On the Road”, “Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner and the Farewell Speech” and “Nachts, als die Sonne für mich schien” are all being performed for the last time. Before it gets too hot for theatre performances, the Kammerspiele will be taking its summer break. We hope you return well rested!

Performances selected for the Promotion “2 for 1”:

July 02, 19 – 22.30 o'clock, Kammer 1
Based on the novel „Exil“ by Lion Feuchtwanger
Director: Stefan Pucher

July 03, 20 o'clock, Kammer 1
What they want to hear
A Project by Lola Arias and the Open Border Ensemble
Director: Lola Arias

July 03, 19.30 – 20.45 o'clock, Kammer 2
Die Kammerklicke präsentiert: Win Place Show 2018
Director: Christine Umpfenbach

July 07, 19 – 20.50 o'clock, Kammer 1
Der Vater
By August Strindberg
Director: Nicolas Stemann

July 10 + 11, 19 – 19.50 o'clock, Kammer 2
Jedem das Seine
Ein Manifest

Director: Marta Górnicka

July 15, 20 – 21.40 o'clock, Kammer 1
No Sex
Director: Toshiki Okada