Privacy Workshop: Exposing the Invisible

Featuring Tactical Tech / In English, please register

This workshop explores the boundaries between public and private information and examines data that is publicly available to gain new insights and further challenge abuses of power. We will look, among other things, at creative ways visual evidence is sourced from planes, drones, kite and balloon mapping, ethical considerations of this data and how to create it or where to find it.

Please register via: sensibledaten@kammerspiele.de

Part of SENSITIVE DATA – THE ART OF SURVEILLANCE / Bilingual conference and workshops curated by Tobi Müller and Sarah Harrison / January 20 – 22, Kammer 1/2/3

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Day ticket January 20, 2017
Day ticket January 21, 2017
Day ticket January 22, 2017

For the performance SITUATION MIT ZUSCHAUER and the concert by HOLLY HERNDON you have to get an extra ticket.