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Sex work – in between criminalization and self-empowerment


Few topics have resulted in as much polarization among feminists as prostitution. There exists no other field where the issues of sexual self-determination, patriarchic structures of relationships and poverty/social class are so obvious. Ever since a campaign by the magazine EMMA promoted the introduction of more control and punishment, the inaccurate idea has prevailed that in Germany prostitution is unregulated and decriminalized. This is not true, especially not in a city such as Munich. In a panel show featuring experts including the social worker Sybille Homt from Dresden, a sex worker from Bavaria and the Data Protection Supervisor of the Federal Coordination Agency against Human Trafficking (KOK) Bärbel Uhl, well-intentioned “protective measures” are discussed which are frequently self-defeating, and the question is explored which measures would improve the situation of the precarious social group of sex workers who are in urgent need of protection.

With Sybille Homt (Gesundheitsamt Dresden), Bärbel Uhl (Europäische NGO Initiative 'datACT'), Sonja Dolinsek (HU Berlin) u.a., Moderation Mithu Sanyal

On July 15 / 7 – 8.30 pm / KAMMER 2

Part of BODY TALK / A Festival of Bodies and Markets, Gender and Visibility in the 21st Century – In cooperation with Missy Magazine.


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