Race me

Production and concept: Miriam Ibrahim // Free Entrance

Director: Miriam Ibrahim


Amekae me nye? Ben kimim? Who am I? Ekaba ke nna mang? ¿Quién soy? Wer bin ich? Dùbúbúmetsolawo nyàgbɔ tsitsri ka ye kuɖe biabia sia ŋu? Irkçılık nasıl bir şekilde buna dahil? How is racism involved in this? Naa ekaba kgethologanyo etsena bjang tabeng ye? ¿Qué tiene que ver el racismo en esto? Was hat Rassismus damit zu tun?

We are surrounded by discriminatory and hurtful behaviour that results in fear, pain and anger time and time again. Why do racist statements and categorisations stubbornly (re-)produce themselves even among people who have already reflected on society’s racist structures? How can we break through these structures together? In her personal research, Miriam Ibrahim and her ensemble explore how discrimination permeates our everyday lives. How do abstract constructs such as race, gender or class become concretely effective?
How do externally determined categorisations influence our self-image? How do racist experiences become inscribed on our bodies? What common practices are there for undoing race?

In cooperation with Monacensia in the Hildebrandhaus.


Zeynep Bozbay, Lebo Masemola, Stefan Merki

Artistic assistance

Krystel Khoury


Amon Ritz

Stage Production

Miriam Ibrahim

Stage design

Maike Brunner


Charlotte Marr


Victoria Dietrich, Victoria Dietrich


Martin Valdés-Stauber

Premiere on 16. January 2020