Kammer 1

Concert: Julia Holter

In the space of just five studio albums, Julia Holter has already built up a body of work that points to her place as one of today’s most important songwriters. With almost uncanny ease, she has the entire tradition of Western song at her fingertips, which she combines with experiments from the neo-avantgarde to the latest developments in electronic music. “Aviary”, her new work, is full of surprising twists and dazzling arrangements and, in the words of the Los Angeles-based artist, an epic journey through “the cacophony of the mind in a melting world”. The title was inspired by a short story by the writer Etel Adnan: “I found myself in an aviary full of screeching birds”. According to Julia Holter, this scenario might stem from a horror film, but it is also an apt metaphor for life in 2018, with its impenetrable maze of political scandals, bizarre natural disasters and voices screaming their desires and resentments into the void.

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