Kammer 1



What do you hear when an ash wood tambura plays the record of its cell structure? Can it make contact with a maple wood marimba? In his project “Conference of Trees”, the musician Hendrik Weber, better known as Pantha du Prince, explores the communication of trees. It has been discussed in numerous narratives across cultures for thousands of years – and now it is increasingly being confirmed in science: trees can exchange information with each other over long distances. Weber has made the concept of conversations in cell biology the starting point of an artistic work. In the poles between music, visual poetry and speculative science, “Conference of Trees” provides a physical approach to this mysterious phenomenon. Once again Weber lives up to his reputation as an exceptional producer. With an unerring feel for harmonies, he combines avant-garde music with electronic club sounds.

This exceptional musician will be supported during the concert by an ensemble of four percussionists. With instruments they themselves partly developed, as well as a vibraphone and a hurdy-gurdy, they make the characteristics of different types of wood audible in an immersive room setting. Like trees in a forest, the various instruments enter into a dialogue.

In Coproduction with Barbican Centre and Schauspielhaus Bochum

04 July 2019