Kammer 2



An apple in exchange for an egg. A slap in the face for an insult. Native tongue for hair colour. Experiences for dreams. Our entire lives consist of bartering. 100 children and teenagers have joined forces, sharing brains and skills for research on altruism and egoism. After a week of artistic exchange work, will the result be compensatory justice or will there still be a score to settle? Cotton candy has become scarce and toffee apples are hanging high. We want to share with you!

Workshop leaders: Jessica Glause, Sylva Häutle, Chris Hohenester und Annerose Schmidt, Andrea Huber and Anton Kaun, Caitlin van der Maas, Sahar Rahimi (Monster Truck), Emir Tebatebai and Niklas Loycke (Das Helmi), Christine Umpfenbach and Ruth Feindel, Set: Valerie Liegl