Kammer 2


Collective prayer in regard to a well-kept secret, by She She Pop

“And we built it, so that / you should decide / by speaking the words and / listening to the choirs / what was actually happening, because / we disagreed.” (Bertolt Brecht, “Fatzer”) Alongside Gob Squad and Rimini Protokoll, She She Pop are one of the most internationally renowned representatives of the independent theatre scene in Germany. In the 2015/2016 season, the group, which was founded by a circle from the Gießener Institute’s applied theatre studies course 25 years ago, made their debut at the Kammerspiele with “50 Grades of Shame” – a repertory production, developed in close collaboration with the performers of She She Pop and the in-house ensemble. Now they return to Munich with an oratory, a choral project on the subject of ownership. Ownership affects consciousness, divides friends, grants power over others, excludes and reduces participation. Ownership is addictive. Ownership is taken for granted. Nothing is as constitutive for our society, has such a divisive effect on communities, or is as decisive for capitalist structures as the idea of ownership. And because ownership marcates the boundaries between “mine” and “yours”, She She Pop want to take up the opposite position on this issue in artistic terms and act as a collective. Guided by Bertolt Brecht’s Lehrstück theory, they will speak and sing about ownership.