Kammer 2




In collaboration with Rafael Steinhauser

"Know yourself" is the inscription above the entrance to the oracle at Delphi – probably one of the most important maxims from antiquity. In the end, the interpretation of this message was left to those who visited the temple in the hope of finding knowledge. How do you act on a prophecy? How should it be understood? The oracle’s prophecies were neither refutable nor clear. The truth-seekers were faced with riddles they had to be prepared for. Paradoxes force us to think in dimensions that are different from our initial questions. They make insight possible precisely because they undermine the premises of perception.

"Oracle" by Susanne Kennedy and Markus Selg explores the transformative power of paradoxes with the help of artificial intelligence. In an installational setting, they continue their research into the possibilities of a hybrid world in which the human identity is no longer central, but a link between digital avatars, intelligent machines, and all kinds of possible states of being and creatures.

However, here the oracle is neither a teacher nor a priestess: it is the artificial intelligence that we feed every day with our searches and desires. The oracle welcomes you – but how receptive are you to it?

ATTENTION: Lighting effects similar to stroboscope are in use during the performance.


Marie Groothof, Thomas Hauser, Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez, Benjamin Radjaipour, Ingmar Thilo, Frank Willens


Rodrik Biersteker


Charlotte Marr


Teresa Vergho


Helena Eckert

Director, text, concept

Susanne Kennedy

Stage, Concept

Markus Selg

Soundinstallation, Composition

Richard Janssen
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Premiere on 15. June 2020