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At the beginning of 2017, the Iraqi-Belgian theatre-maker Mokhallad Rasem spent six weeks at the Menen asylum centre in Belgium and collected stories from the residents for a solo performance. “There’s something absurd about an asylum centre. People feel like they are at a crossroads with no signs pointing the way. They’re just waiting. I see it my task to give these people a voice and portray them to the rest of the world.” Mokhallad Rasam was born in 1981 in Baghdad. Since 2013 he has been part of the Toneelhuis team in Antwerp.

In Zielzoekers - triptiek (Soul seekers - triptych) , Mokhallad Rasem has expanded Zielzoekers into a many-voiced triptych (documentary and performance) that also presents the testimonies of refugees from the asylum centre in Bobigny and La chambre d'eau in Valenciennes. For the original production of Zielzoekers (2016), Rasem worked closely in Menen in West Flanders with people who found shelter in a new country. For the triptych version, he transposed this concept to asylum centres in Paris and Northern France, where he filmed gripping testimonies. Three worlds, three atmospheres, now together in one production.

Based on the concept of Soulseekers (Malpertuis, Toneelhuis).

by and with Mokhallad Rasem Video Mokhallad Rasem production MC93, maison de la culture de Seine-Saint-Denis (Bobigny), Toneelhuis


February 25th 2019

“Ein Staatenloser” by Alireza Daryanavard

Violence and censorship prevail in Iran; Austria promises freedom and democracy. Based on the real biography of the actor and director, Alireza Daryanavard, the theatre production “Ein Staatenloser” (A Stateless Man) portrays how censorship forced an artist to flee: from his beginnings in Iran, to underground theatre and working against restrictions to his flight into democracy. But once in Austria, he finds that it is a country with regulations and categories. Followed by a public discussion and music.

November 26th 2018
The debate at the Kammerspiele on topics of mobility, diversity and migration continues: for the first edition of “Open Border - Open Stage”, young people from the vocational school Dachau present their theatre project “Schwimmen”; the fashion designer Mohamad Alhamod presents his new label “eliev” and the entire ensemble of رْسِج (Bridge) do a guest performance.