Kammer 1


Based on the novel by Jack Kerouac

Director: David Marton


Premiere: 28 September 2017

For the last time: 19 July 2018

In his novel “On the road,” Jack Kerouac retraces the aspirations of the Beat Generation. Sal Paradise, the main protagonist, flits breathlessly across America. In a tireless search for a different, freer and wilder existence, he goes on adventures that are off the map of bourgeois conformism. David Marton’s combo of jazz musicians and actors interweaves the flow of Kerouac’s text with music. An improvised composition results from the interplay of word and sound. At intoxicating speed, spontaneous prose and musical imagination mutually fire each other on – and become the driving force for a journey into the gaps in America’s society.

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Hassan Akkouch, Paul Brody, Daniel Dorsch, Jelena Kuljić, Julia Riedler, Thomas Schmauser, Michael Wilhelmi


Kevin Barz

Stage Production

David Marton

Stage design

David Marton, Amber Vandenhoeck


Henning Streck


Pola Kardum


Christoph Gurk, Christine Milz

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