Kammer 2



In the first season under the direction of Matthias Lilienthal, Nikitin made his debut at the Kammerspiele with a production that treated the audition process like a readymade and analysed it as if it were a cultural convention. Now Boris Nikitin returns to Munich with a new production. His production of “Hamlet” is not a retelling of Shakespeare’s play. The Basel-based director uses Shakespeare’s material as a mask with which to reflect on identity, individuality, delusion and reality. In a mixture of experimental documentary performance and queer music-theatre, the performer and electro-musician Julian Meding takes on the role of a contemporary Hamlet rebelling against reality. Supported by the award-winning Basel string quartet “The Musical Garden”, Meding embarks on a tour de force, in which he reveals himself, his body and his biography to the eyes of the audience. Is it even Meding? Or is it Hamlet? Is everything just a game? To be or not to be? Or both at the same time? “Hamlet” is all about poetic revolt: raw, coarse-grained, confrontational, anti-social and dazzling. The July programme also includes Christopher Rüping’s “Hamlet” production in which the in-director condenses the material for three actors.

The premiere in Munich is supported by:

Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung
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