Probebühne 3



“I bought the new MacBook Pro with touch bar. Boots in next to no time. I can even watch my porn flicks much faster now.”
There was a time when people did not spend their time swiping right. What was that like again? And when did we lose ourselves?
Algorithms have screwed up things. But for a while, we found them exciting: the presence behind the curtain. In the dark. Shadowing others. Eavesdropping, spying on them. Holding our breath, going red, stuttering. Coming too soon. Being the last to leave. The whole circus.
But our peep shows are now empty. Only the very basic questions linger on: How about a little less hate? A little less hostility? A little less paranoia, propaganda, pornography? Who is the saddest person?
The theatre-maker and visual artist Alexander Giesche, who has been artist in residence at the Kammerspiele for the past two seasons with his group GiescheAnd, has developed a curiosity cabinet of self-reflection together with the musician Ludwig Abraham. Come in. And stay.