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Free Entrance!

Annette Paulmann has been awarded the Munich Theatre Prize. This award is undoubtedly a great honour for the actress who has been a member of the Kammerspiele since 2002 and who has always followed the visions of its theatre-makers in an open yet critical way, both shaping and becoming absorbed in them. Outstanding theatre can only be achieved in this way: in dialogue with others, with a willingness to subvert positions, having faith in one’s own view and trusting in one’s own ability. Theatre commits us to this kind of collaboration. When the spark ignites, and when it is embraced and developed with respect, it creates space for happiness. Annette Paulmann always manages to find and inspire this happiness, be it in collaboration with the Kammerspiele ensemble or with directors such as Jossi Wieler, Johan Simons and Andreas Kriegenburg. One only need to think of “Der Prozess” and “Maria Stuart”, or her recent collaborations with Nicolas Stemann and Anna-Sophie Mahler. Annette Paulmann was invited to the Theatertreffen a year ago with the latter and their joint production of Bierbichler’s “Mittelreich”; and she will receive the prize after the performance of “Mittelreich” on 11 July. The Kammerspiele congratulate Annette Paulmann!

She can be seen in July in Christoph Marthaler’s “Tiefer Schweb” on 2, 7, 13, 26 and 27 July and in Nicolas Stemann’s production of Chekhov’s “Der Kirschgarten” on the 10 and 19 July.