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Miunikh – Damascus (Stories of a City) / Open Border Ensemble

by Jessica Glause featuring the Open Border Ensemble

Director: Jessica Glause


People stream past the Menterschwaige restaurant to attend Friday prayers at St. Margaretha Church. A scent of fresh cumin wafts across Auer Dult market, and the first qahwa drink is brewed to the sound of church bells. On a street corner in Thalkirchen, a man upgrades his car battery so that he can use his latest iPhone on the Internet. And commuters are going to be late for work again because the checkpoints are getting gradually longer in the direction of the city centre.

Wait a minute, where are we?

Whether in Munich or Damascus, people look for happiness, fall in love and get lost in among old winding streets. Countless stories are inscribed on these two places; some of them are very old and well-known, while others are still new and very personal.

Since 2015, the Kammerspiele has declared itself—along with the most expensive square metre of Munich—as an international cultural working space and performance venue. Now a new chapter is beginning beyond the old town in the Munich region: similar to a pop-up picture book, the Open Border Ensemble’s mobile stage will be set up on market places and community centres, inviting the audience to shift their usual perspective.

In Miunikh-Damascus (Stories of a City), the memories of two cities and their presence merge into a possibly limitless city. Within it limits between what is our own and what it foreign, near and far, orient and Occident are made to collapse. Let’s go on a journey to the limits of our imagination.

Stage Production

Jessica Glause

Stage design

Florian Stirnemann


Mai Gogisvili


Benedikt Brachtel


Johanna-Yassira Kluhs

In cooperation with

Bellevue di Monaco
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Funded by

Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
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Arabic version

ميونخ - دمشق (حكايات مدينة)