Kammer 1


Based on the novel by Josef Bierbichler, based on the production of Anna-Sophie Mahler

Director: Anta Helena Recke

Musical Theatre

What happens when an artist produces a work that already exists – a work which is not her own, but is an act of appropriation? The same work but reproduced, copied and changed in small but significant ways, placed in a different context? The Munich-based director Anta Helena Recka is possibly one of the first theatre-makers to use a technique established in fine arts – the art of appropriation – and to transfer it onto the performing arts in a radical gesture. Her work “MITTELREICH” is a copy of the production “Mittelreich” by Anna-Sophie Mahler, which premiered in Kammer 1 in November 2015 and was subsequently invited to Theatertreffen. In her first production for the Münchner Kammerspiele, Anta Helena Recke faithfully takes on all the parameters of Anna Sophie Mahler’s “Mittelreich”. The same text is spoken. The scenography is identical. Only the actors have been replaced. There are only black actors on stage. With this strategy of divergent repetition, MITTELREICH points up the structural racism of white theatre institutions. At the same time, it reflects the conditions under which it was possible for this work to be realised. Like the discussions initiated by this artistic intervention, they are a part of the work itself.

A PRODUCTION BY Münchner Kammerspiele and Anta Helena Recke.
FUNDEND BY Fonds Darstellende Künste and Richard Stury Stiftung.

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Yosemeh Adjei, Victor Asamoah, Ernest Allan Hausmann, Jerry Hoffmann, Moses Leo, Isabelle Redfern

Dramaturgy “Mittelreich”

Julian Warner

Musical Direction “Mittelreich”

Prisca Mbawala-Dernbach

Dramaturgy “Mittelreich” original version

Johanna Höhmann

Musical Direction “Mittelreich” original version

Bendix Dethleffsen

Choir recording

Junges Vokalensemble München

At the grand piano

Romy Camerun, Miriel Cutiño Torres

Stage Production

Anta Helena Recke

Stage design

Duri Bischoff


Jürgen Tulzer


Pascale Martin


Jan Burkamp

Choir Director

Julia Selina Blank
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Invited to

Theatertreffen 2018
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