Kammer 1



Director: Felix Rothenhäusler


“To be female still means being trapped within the purely psychological. No matter how dispassionate or large a vision of the world a woman formulates, whenever it includes her own experience and emotion, the telescope’s turned back on her.” (Chris Kraus, “I Love Dick”)

Although on the outside everything seems to be going well in her life, Justine longs for the end of the world. Her partner Michael loves her with all his heart and their wedding is imminent. In the advertising agency where she works, she is considered to have “great potential”; she is promoted to art director. And her sister Claire supports her in everything she does. But all this fails to satisfy Justine. Her urge to destroy the perfect world around her is too great. Only when the planet Melancholia races towards the earth and a collision seems inevitable does she calm down. Is Lars von Trier’s film “Melancholia” the story of a sick woman? Or is it a reflection on a world that people rightly wish would end? Is the end of the world a reason to sink into despair? Or is it possible to look forward to it with optimism? What happens when planets exit their usual orbits and collide? With von Trier, the prospect of the end also includes the possibility of things turning around again. Maybe for the better.

Felix Rothenhäusler recently staged Ryan Trecartin’s “The Re’Search” and Eugène Labiche’s “Trüffel Trüffel Trüffel” at the Kammerspiele. He turns Lars von Trier’s apocalyptic, awe-inspiring film “Melancholia” into a passionate, transparent game of language and thought. At the end of the world, music is playing.

With English surtitles. For our seating recommendations please click here.


Majd Feddah, Thomas Hauser, Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Eva Löbau, Julia Riedler

Live music

Christian Naujoks

Stage Production

Felix Rothenhäusler

Stage design

Katharina Pia Schütz


Stephan Mariani


Christian Naujoks


Elke von Sivers


Tarun Kade

Premiere on 15. June 2019