Kammer 1


Cabaret show

Max Uthoff is coming. Of course, there are also other things you could do on this evening. If you don’t want to be taken seriously, turn on the TV. If you are plagued by the longing for appreciation and enjoy being reduced to a consumer, off you go surfing on the internet. If you want to feel some fundamental doubts about your life decisions, just look who’s sharing your bed. Or spend an evening with Max Uthoff, who gives you all these feelings at once. An evening that will turn you into a different person: you’ll be two hours older and have less money in your pocket. But don’t we all crave change? That’s right. Or was it the thing we fear most? How the hell should I know? In any case, Max Uthoff is coming. Only you know what that means.

In collaboration with Eulenspiegel Concerts.