Kammer 1


After the novel by Jack Kerouac

Director: David Marton


In the late 1940s with the bebop solos of Charlie Parker in his ear, Jack Kerouac “improvised” his autobiographical novel “On The Road” on a 36-metre greaseproof paper roll and shaped the beginnings of the beat generation: a group of young writers who banded together as notorious drifters and kicked against the zeitgeist. They knew the horrors of the Second World War and the atom bomb and felt crushed by the conformism that dominated America during the Cold War. They criss-crossed America with no money in search of and enlightenment and salvation. “Somewhere along the line I knew there’d be girls, visions, everything; somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me”, promises Kerouac’s alter ego Sal Paradise. But the happiness of freedom and fulfilment merely stayed on paper like a chimera. “On the Road”, however, became a cult, the epitome of beatnik chic.

With his troupe of actresses and musicians, director David Marton, who has already made appearances in Munich with his “Opernhaus der Kammerspiele”, “La Sonnambula” and “The Marriage of Figaro”, retraces the longings of this clique that created free space yet ended uprunning into a dead end.


Hassan Akkouch, Jelena Kuljić, Julia Riedler, Thomas Schmauser

Stage Production

David Marton

Stage design

Amber Vandenhoeck, David Marton


Pola Kardum


Kevin Barz


Henning Streck


Daniel Dorsch, Michael Wilhelmi, Paul Brody


Christine Milz, Christoph Gurk

Premiere on 28. September 2017