Kammer 3


A project by Verena Regensburger and Ensemble, with translation for people with impaired hearing

Director: Verena Regensburger


We lie anywhere between two and 200 times a day – depending on what we classify as lies: untruths, post truths, exaggerations, omissions, courtesies, set phrases... But how can you spot a lie? Is it when gestures and body language undermine what’s being said? To get to the bottom of how truth is constructed, a hearing and a deaf actress meet one another in the piece “Luegen” (Lies). The stage becomes an experimental space for intentional and unintentional communication, a laboratory of authenticity, which invites the viewer to decipher truth, take a closer look and observe.

FOR THE LAST TIME on MAY 29, 2019!

Sponsored by the Municipal Department of Arts and Culture in Munich.


Wiebke Puls, Kassandra Wedel

Stage Production

Verena Regensburger

Stage design

Marie Häusner


Veronika Schneider


Ikenna David Okegwo


Michael Pohorsky

Sign language interpreter

Marco C. González A.


Anna Gschnitzer

Premiere on 21. April 2017