The world has never been more interconnected than in the current age of globaliazation. Nevertheless a silent plague, an epidemic of loneliness is incarcerating us. Self-declared "social media" are rather distancing us from each other instead of connecting. Moreover the current global Covid*19 pandemic has triggered indispensable social distancing immobilizing us alone at home. Amid this shutdown of public life, this lonesome global state of emergency, the arts are moving to the digital realm!

The online-festival WITHIN THE LONELY HOURS (Münchner Kammerspiele) on the 4th of April is a collective inquiry into loneliness and intimacy in late stage of capitalism. Artists identifying as Queer, Trans*, sex worker and (post)migrants are invited to unearth feelings, sadness and vulnerability. Building together resistance towards dominant regimes, solidarity among each other and collectively building political movements the artists involved imagine a world of communal interdependence. The program for this festival conceived by curator Keith Zenga King, explores our shared possibilities beyond the myth of scarcity. A public ritual of feeling as a digital livestream.


4 pm to 5 pm

Erotic Trans Bodies - Beyond Fetishism

facilitated by Olave Nduwanje

Participants are invited to explore the writing of erotica. We will consider the ways in which queer and trans bodies are imagined and positioned as erotic or fetish. Participants will be challenged to invent ways in which the language of desire and lust,can be instrumental in restoring dignity to non-normative bodies.

register via kammerqueers@kammerspiele.de

5 pm to 6 pm

The self care workshop

facilitated by Pedra Costa

The Self-Care Workshop with Pêdra Costa brings simple elements to deepen our connection with ourselves and the other, through empathy, embracing, touching, looking, sharing and the power of herbal bathing. These insights are powerful tools against the perpetuation of terror in the experience of queer people in their daily life.

This workshop is a place to exchange knowledge about self-care and to encounter as a celebration of our affective network and the power of collective joy. As I wrote in one of my manifestos “We are always collective, never individual.”

This is a practical workshop and will be held in English, manifestations in any language or silence are still welcome though!

register via kammerqueers@kammerspiele.de

Livestream "Within the lonely hours"

6 pm to 7 pm


with Olave Nduwanje, Alok Vaid Menon, Travis Alabanza moderated by Keith Zenga King

8 pm to 9 pm

Before I step outside (You love me)

directed by Travis Alabanza & Danielle Brathwaite Shirley

9 pm to 12 pm



with Pêdra Costa and "The southern butthole manifesto”, Hamza Mala and "War on Bodies”, Adrian Blount, Lina Mbembe and “Cam girl” followed by a LIVE DANCE PARTY with DJ T.TOTAL

Pêdra Costa: "de_colon_isation part VI: inbodiesvisibleborders"

What/how/where are the in_visible borders and bodies? What/how/where are the limits between each one? What is seen? A virtual future, a real one. Where we are now is where we are building the future. The future is here, through us. we are ancestors of those who are coming... by other connections, not only blood. Our memories will be virtual, they will access them. In addition, they will access our strengths, survival strategies, our invisible legacy as well. We are those who are changing, right here and right now, the future. we are the archeology of the future. Is the queerness still queer without a embodied body? At last, there will be no queer future without a destruction of the colonial past, capitalist present, normative, anthropocentric and binary society.

The action is a cyborg, virtual and collective one, from a southern and anal perspective, from an inner and outer surfaces, and re_mixed friendly voices.

MALA: "War on Bodies"

"War on bodies" sheds light on the chronological process of controlling the body in a relation with colonialism that tries to jump through different times lived by Moroccan people and their bodies.

This performance illustrates how colonialism changed, how we treat our bodies, our genders and sexualities, expressing the bodily colonialism associated with war, military invasion, and how the model imposed is associated with the colonial bodies and sexualities.

By using audiovisual materials, body expression and symbols inherited from Moroccan Amazigh memory, the performance is a revival of culture bodily transmitted by inheritance, inspired by the history and traditions of the Moroccan people and their bodies.

Mala refers to borders as a colonial concept associated with delusional boundaries or building walls and also laying barbed wire, which in one way or another tells us how boundaries have contributed to the bordering of our bodies and sexualities.

Lina Bembe: "Cam room"

Webcamming is a form of sex work that allows for unique dynamics of intimacy, interactions and narratives of sexual desire. In this live webcam show, the different performative layers and possibilities of online intimacy overlap with the physical proximity of the webcamming studio space. Questions of bodily agency, autonomy, desire and intimacy will flow and be negotiated throughout the performance, highlighting the myriad possibilities having a screen in between can open.

Kuration Keith Zenga King Dramaturgy Martin Valdés-Stauber Technical Realization Amon Ritz Production Charlotte Hesse

An Event with the

Petra Kelly Stiftung
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