Kammer 1


FREIHEIT, GLEICHHEIT, GESCHWISTERLICHKEIT – WELCHE WERTE VERTRITT EUROPA / Feat. Seyran Ates, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Markus Söder & Michael Schilling


“Last Exit” is not a political discussion according to the rules of proportional representation. It is much more about coming up with unconventional ideas and new visions for Europe’s future – in all its many facets: as a counter-balance to war and anti-democratic phenomena, as a watchdog for environmental issues, a place open to immigration and a stimulation for innovation and economic growth.

With: Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Markus Söder, Seyran Ates
Moderation: Michael Schilling

Organised by the Allianz Kulturstiftung and the Abendzeitung.