Kammer 1



PeterLicht has made a name for itself as “the society theorist among the pop artists” with titles like “Lob der Realität” or “Lied vom Ende des Kapitalismus”. With music for the Kammerspiele productions “Karoshi” (2003) and “Wir werden siegen” (2005) and as director of “Räume räumen” (2009), he has repeatedly demonstrated that he is not just a highly gifted singer, lyricist and songwriter, but also that theatre give him the impetus for rewarding stage performances. After a long break, this adept text-based artist who takes inspiration from diverse sources returns to Munich to present a stage show with the ambiguous title: “Emotionale hört die Signale! Auf zum letzten Verzicht!” (Fight emotionally! To the last end!”) PeterLicht will sing and read, and his art of language will shine in all its facets. His concerts are happenings and performances with a healing effect.