Kammer 1


Support: May

Ibeyi is Lisa Kaindé and Naomi, twin sisters from Cuba who live in Paris. As if out of nowhere two years ago, the two daughters of percussionist Miguel “Ang á” Díaz, a member of the Buena Vista Social Club, conquered the international music scene. Their debut album, recorded on the acclaimed XL Recordings label, featured heart-rending songs that dealt with the melancholy of the diaspora, uprooting and longing. Their lyrics are in English, French, Spanish and Yoruba, a Nigerian language that arrived in Cuba during the 18th-century slave trade. In the Münchner Kammerspiele, they now present their second album. Its title is “Ash” and it was written during a period when a real-estate mogul was elected President of the United States. “At the moment”, Ibeyi, say “we’re burning up, and that’s scary. But ash can also be used as fertilizer. Something new can grow out of it.”

Ibey will be supported by the artist May.