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Since the night of New Year’s Eve when a group of men, who for the most part came to Germany from North Africa and the Arab region, molested women at the Cologne central train station, the issue of “violence in the public space” has been one of the prevailing topics of this year. The exact course of events of that night has not yet been clarified. Only now have many people realized that the protection against and the prosecution of sexualized violence is insufficient in Germany. Some are afraid that a new form of violence will now spread in Germany. Voices have been raised which remind the public that sexualized violence is part of everyday life also in Germany. The incidents have been exploited. There is insecurity. Is this fear well-founded or just scaremongering? Is it of any significance that the men came from a Muslim background? What was the function of sexual assaults within the framework of the Arab Spring, such as at Cairo’s Tahrir square? What measures must be taken to help the victims of this violence?

With Homa Moradi (Frauen helfen Frauen Köln e. V.), Anna-Katharina Messmer (Civey), Alicia Agustín und Antje Prust (Talking Straight), Shereen El Feki (BBC London, Kairo) Moderation: Mithu Sanyal

On July 16 / 4.30 – 6 pm / KAMMER 2

Part of BODY TALK / A Festival of Bodies and Markets, Gender and Visibility in the 21st Century – In cooperation with Missy Magazine.


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