Kammer 3


By and with Kim Noble, in English

He stalks the cashier in his supermarket and tries to send him signals by purchasing condoms, tampons and pregnancy tests. He records the sexual activities of his neighbors and calls telephone numbers which truck drivers have left on the walls of highway restrooms. He tries in vain to establish meaningful relationships in situations which are just not conducive to this purpose. But Kim Noble does not give in – and transgresses the limits of his fellow humans’ privacy in every imaginable way. In an act of merciless exposure, the enfant terrible of the British performance scene and future guest professor at the Academy of Fine Arts (AdBK) in Munich presents the documents of these efforts at making contact.

“You Are Not Alone” is a profoundly sad comedy – and a comment about surveillance and data protection: Are we to imagine the NSA as a club of lonesome people?

Kim Noble is an In Between Time Associate Artist. A production of In Between Time in cooperation with the Soho Theatre, London. A collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts (AdBK), Munich

Co-director: Gary Reich, Stage engineering: Misha Beweis, Light design: Martin Langthorne