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“Who in this room looks like you? Who earns the most? Who is more intelligent than you? Is the average age raised or lowered by your presence?” Modern people are permanently evaluated, classified and sorted according to their position, consumer patterns and social behaviour. All of us also exist as profiles from usable data sets. In “Algorithms”, Turbo Pascal lifts this logic from the darkness of data centres and puts it in the spotlight of the stage. Performers and audience members become objects and witnesses of different sorting processes. The result is an audience processor in which the basic algorithmic components of comparison, pattern recognition, group formation, selection and decision are in permanent motion.

Concept Turbo Pascal by and with Bettina Grahs, Friedrich Greiling, Frank Oberhäußer, Margret Schütz, Georg Werner Dramaturgy Angela Löer set design Gabriele Vöhringer Music Friedrich Greiling Directing assistance Christina Ostrowski scenography assistent Stephanie Traut lighting Fabian Stemmer Production management Marit Buchmeier, Lisanne Grotz

A production by Turbo Pascal in coproduction with SOPHIENSÆLE Funded with resources of Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Part of the festival “Politik der Algorithmen – Kunst, Leben, Künstliche Intelligenz” from June 11 to 16, 2019

In cooperation with

Z COMMON GROUND, Studiobühne der Theaterwissenschaft München
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