Haus der Kunst


Director: Verena Regensburger


A performance by Münchner Kammerspiele at Haus der Kunst

We’re sick and tired of people talking about us and not letting us get a word in! Cause we’re angry and we’ve been let down. By the adult generation and by politicians who avoid taking responsibility. Democracy is not something to be taken for granted! Injustice only ends when those who profit from it change too! Urgent measures have to be taken against climate disaster! We may not be professionals, but we do recognise global connections. And we can no longer afford your pessimism! Stop saying it’s all too late. Stop saying it’s all too complicated! Do not make it so easy for yourselves! Stop talking about us as if our protests don’t concern you, as if your future isn’t at stake! Stop being complacent about mass youth protests and believing you can still turn things around! We have news for you: we won’t be able to save the future! Not if you don’t listen to us. And not if you don’t understand that listening isn’t enough. You have to take action. With us! We have taken to the streets, risk being suspended from school, invest a lot of time and energy and have organised ourselves. And what are you doing? You with the privilege of being able to take action. Do something! Stop staring! Join the demos!”

Together with more than 20 young people, Verena Regensburger and her team have developed a stage piece on political participation, overcoming powerlessness and a future that concerns us all.

The performances on October 9, 2019 and October 18, 2019 are for school classes.


Natalie Albertshofer, Amelie Luisa Althaus, Emma Beblo, Lilli Biedermann, Helena Borst, Moritz Brand, Maria Dendorfer, Jamila Gebhard, Helena Gregorian, Vivien Henning, Anna Hoffmann, Kaspar Huber, Lilian Marie Luise Karger, Konstantin Kloppe, Thyra Kolde, Juri Kößler, Leopold Nüssler, Thilda Otto, Frida Pfeiffer, Agnes Pfeiffer, Thalia Schoeller, Flurina Schuster, Mira Sökefeld, Marlene Anna Taler, Ira von Büdingen, Lilli von Hehn

Stage Production

Verena Regensburger

Stage design

Marie Häusner


Veronika Schneider


Nicole Marianna Wytyczak


Diana Dorn, Weronika Patan


Jonny-Bix Bongers

Dramaturgy and Text

Anna Gschnitzer

In cooperation with

Haus der Kunst
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Premiere on 27. September 2019