Kammer 2


EIN MANIFEST / BY MARTA GÓRNICKA / With new texts by katja brunner

Director: Marta Górnicka


For her first work at the Münchner Kammerspiele the Polish director Marta Górnicka presents the world premiere of a libretto she has arranged using various voices of feminist movements, including new texts by Katja Brunner. In doing so, she speaks from the perspective of a young, politically active Pole, in whose country women’s rights, long since won, are now called into question once again. Górnicka declares the “Women’s Convention Munich 2018” and places the existing inequality between men and women in the context of a larger global imbalance whose roots run deep. The much older expression, “To Each His Own”, which was abused by the National Socialists, is however an example of fascist structures. As she has often done before in her works, Marta Górnicka creates a community in her production that in this case consists of actors from the Kammerspiele ensemble and Munich residents with different backgrounds. Powerfully, timidly, angrily and lamentingly, a choir and an individual speak to the audience. Marta Górnicka’s productions are represented at many festivals throughout the world. Her last production “Hymn to Love” was recently performed at the Spielart Festival in Munich.


Liliana Barros, Yasin Boynuince, Serena Buchner, Caroline Corves, Leonard Dick, Carmen Engel, Dana Greiner, Marta Górnicka, Maya Haddad, Thekla Hartmann, Antonia Hoffmann, Marion Hollerung, Stacyian Jackson, Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Jelena Kuljić, Laura Kupzog, Kim Nguyen, Moritz Ostruschnjak, Gina Penzkofer, Susanne Popp, Melanie Pöschl, Corinna Quaas, Anne Ratte-Polle, Damian Rebgetz, Theresa Schlichtherle, Samantha Schote-Ritzinger, Zoë von Weitershausen, Gülbin Ünlü

Stage Production

Marta Górnicka


Anna Godowska

Stage design

Robert Rumas


Sophia May


Polina Lapkovskaja


Charlotte Marr


Andreas Volk


Johanna Höhmann

dramaturgy assistant

Agata Adamiecka-Sitek

In co-production with

Maxim Gorki Theater
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Premiere on 28. May 2018