Non-academic lecture in English by Rabih Mroué


In October 2015, at the beginning of the first season under the artistic direction of Matthias Lilienthal, Rabih Mroué put on his first production for the Münchner Kammerspiele. Based on the attack on the Israeli delegation during the Olympic Games in 1972, the native Lebanese playwright, performer and director responded to the question of which routes have been taken since then by politically motivated terrorism and militant liberation movements in the Middle East. What does it mean when a radical group exploits the world’s attention on a sports event and hijacks media images for its own ends? Has this historically failed strategy found its dystopian end in the attacks of September 11 or ISIS videos of beheadings? In February, “Ode To Joy” can be seen for the last in Munich. At the same time a new production by Rabih Mroué will be added to the repertoire: “Rima Kamel”, which celebrates its premiere on the 9 February. This is a fitting occasion for the Münchner Kammerspiele to honour Mroué’s work with a retrospective that goes back to his beginnings in the early ’90s. His oeuvre, which is clairvoyant and possesses an analytical precision and visionary power, alternates imperceptibly between fiction and reality while rendering visible the political and cultural changes in the world as a struggle over images. We will be showing five of his theatre productions, including – for the first time in Munich – classics like “Looking For A Missing Employee”, but also “So Little Time”, a small, very poetic work, which was produced last summer for the Wiesbaden Biennale to great acclaim from the audience and critics. The retrospective will be completed by a three-part series with non-academic lecture performances ushering Rabih Mroué into the more intimate setting of the Dachkammer.

„Pixelated Revolution“ addresses the viral impact of mobile phones and social media on information and mobilization in the recent devastating Syrian revolts. Mroué has re-edited, re-framed and re-contextualized a selection of found video materials of clashes and confrontations, shot and posted on the internet by insurgents, in order to highlight not only the deteriorating situation in the region, but also the unsettling, unprecedented enmeshment of political activism, filmic strategies, the fragility of the human body and popular technology in the reality of war.

Language: English
Duration: around 60 min.
Translated to English by Ziad Nawfal
Co-produced by:
Berlin Documentary Forum – HKW/ Berlin,
dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel,
The 2010 Spalding gray Award (Performing Space 122 in New York, The Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburg, On the Boards in Seattle and the Walker art Center in Minneapolis).

Part of Image War Machine – “Werkschau” Rabih Mroué / February 09 – 15, 2017

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