Kammer 1


After the novels by MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ

Director: Nicolas Stemann und Ensemble (nach Julien Gosselin)


The times of Islamic terror attacks are history and a Muslim becomes the French President. Michel Houellebecq wrote two novels that seem to make up part of the same story with an interval of 15 years. In “Platform”, Islamic fundamentalists put a sudden end to European hedonism, while in “Submission” Islam constitutes the mainstream of French society. The prejudices are unmistakable: along with the new public order, unambiguous gender roles are re-established and a man can feel like a real manonce again. In Houellebecq’s version of Islam, it is only the man who has access to public honors and positions. The woman is ousted from public offices and therefore free to investall her time and energy into satisfying the men's sexual and other desires. Just like all the other women: polygamy is part of the program. For his first work outside France, the young French director Julien Gosselin, whose adaptation of Houellebecq’s “The Elementary Particles” became famous throughout Europe three years ago and who currently works on a performance of Roberto Bolaño’s “2666” for the Festival d’Avignon, juxtaposes Houellebecq’s novels “Platform” and “Submission”.

Premiere on 19. November 2016